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My name is Yin, aka Magic Yin in the trading world.  I ran a multi award winning renowned Chinese restaurant chain business for more than a decade since 2008, which stopped for me in 2019, and I now trade and invest mostly for a living.  I prefer trading and investing more because of the time and location freedom it offers.

I began investing since 2015 having invested in businesses and real estate since then.  I personally have a respectable real estate portfolio built up since then in the last few years.

I began my trading career since 2017, having traded stocks, options, Forex, CFDs, ETFs & Cryptocurrencies.

My trading style is mostly swing looking at it as a long-term game, and I scalp sometimes especially in forex.

Overall, I adopt highly efficient trading and investing strategies in all financial instruments, and I am very efficient at managing my risk and reward.

I have been consistently profitable over the years in trading, with an overall Win Rate across all financial instrument of around 80% overtime.

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