10 tips for better drawing Free Download
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10 tips for better drawing 1

10 tips for better drawing Free Download

About This Class

Hello wonderful people,

and welcome to my latest drawing class. This time we’ll talk about

  • how to make drawing process easier;
  • how to progress drawing skills faster and
  • generally have more fun drawing.

If this sounds interesting to you lets take a look at the introduction to the class and see you inside. 🙂

My name is Milan and if you don’t know me, let me tell you, I love drawing. I love making drawings, talking about them, seeing other people draw and finally share with others what I learned over the years. Still, I struggle with it from time to time. Even on my latest commission work I had few moments when I really had a hard time.

That made me think how should I make my process easier and started recalling all the advises that I picked up from other people but somehow forgot to use. Now that really made a difference and helped me finish the work on time. And also, I realized, what helped me, might help someone else as well to:

  • find more joy in drawing;
  • finish your work on time or just like me,
  • recall things that you already knew but forgot to use.

So, in this class, no matter if you’re just starting your drawing journey or have years of experience I hope you’ll find something interesting. What I prepared are 10 tips that you should always keep in mind while drawing so your life could be much easier. Also, make sure to stick around until the end because after we’ve looked at all this I have an additional tip that you might use and a bonus set of fast exercises that will improve your line work.

Have a great day and welcome to the class. 🙂


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