105 Ride Verbatim – The 4 Natural AIDS Free Download
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105 Ride Verbatim – The 4 Natural AIDS, FreeTuts Download

105 Ride Verbatim – The 4 Natural AIDS  Free Tutorial Download


The 4 natural aids are our means of transmitting information to the horse for lines-of-travel, gaits, shaping, displacing, and adjusting/rating.

These aids are: the VOICE; the SEAT and its’ WEIGHT; the LEG; and the HAND.

The natural aids are NOT vague guidelines. They are DEFINITE and PRECISE. They do not vary. These must be made uniform and deliberate because they form a language that is for all horses.  If you’re not training the Natural Aids verbatim, there’s nothing natural about your riding.

In a well-trained, a finished horse, these 4 Natural Aids form a literal language: Equitation. This language is delivered by a rider whose position is plumb, matched on each side, and elastic.

Training is teaching this equitation language by the Law of Association of Sensations and calibrating the rider’s 4 Natural Aids, which are the CAUSE to the horse’s understanding response, which is the EFFECT.

Don’t be illiterate!  Study, practice, and master the 4 Natural Aids.

Who this course is for:

  • Serious riders and anyone who seriously loves horses ! Yet: these classes were originally designed for professional riders and trainers.

105 Ride Verbatim – The 4 Natural AIDS, FreeTuts Download

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