3 Tips To How To Fix The Late Contact Point Free Download
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 3 Tips To How To Fix The Late Contact Point   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • You will enjoy tennis more as up to 85% of club tennis players do tend to hit the ball late and not at the right time, which prevents them from playing better tennis.
  • You will be able to finally hit the ball on time, away from your body and well in front of you which will help you to have nice effortless strokes.
  • You will discover what needs to be done in order to play of a similar way just like tennis pros do.
  • Ultimately you will realise what needs to be improved and that late contact point can be fixed with these 3 tennis tips and you will learn how you can apply it into your game.


  • Any level of tennis
  • You need tennis racket and a tennis court or a tennis wall



Fix Your Late Contact Point & Start Winning More Tennis Matches With Much More Effortless Forehand

This course is now at a special FREE Offer until the end of OCTOBER only. Price will go up after. Lets transform your tennis game now!

Do you struggle to hit the ball on time? Up to 95% of club tennis players tend to hit the ball late, either to close to their body or well passing the ideal contact point. If you do hit the ball late, you can never generate good effortless power just like tennis pros do and you will also be hitting balls much more out than if you did manage to hit the ball in front of you at the right place and high. From my years of experience on court working with tennis players I spent countless hours with them to fix this very common problem and at the end I got to the 3 most important steps that I now use to fix this late contact point problem. It proven to be crucial and always working well. When applying my 3 tennis tips to fix the late contact point, all of my players suddenly start hitting ball much more away from their body, well in front and at the right high, which ultimately leads to better and much more effortless tennis strokes.

You Will Learn

  • What are the main reasons why you hitting the ball late.
  • Why is important to understand relationship between positioning, early preparation and keeping the right distance and importance of all 3 steps working well for you.
  • How to reprogram the late positioning and late preparation to fix this problem.
  • Exercises that will help you to be able to finally stop hitting balls late and be able to hit them nicely in front of you and at the right time.
  • How to practise next time you are on the court or a tennis wall and how to implement my 3 tips to fix this very important part of your game.

Full Course Contents

Little breakdown of what you will learn inside this course.

Early Positioning 

  • You will learn why is early positioning so important if we are to hit the ball on time and at the right place.
  • You will learn how to fix the late positioning and what to do in order to get used to a new habit, which will help you to finally see the ball well in front of you.

Early Preparation

  • You will learn and will know how to also prepare earlier for the ball.
  • You will be much more confident with more time before the actual impact and I will show you how it can be done just by applying what tennis pros do so well also into your game!


  • You will learn correct distance between the ball and your body.
  • You will learn why is important to keep great distance and how it will help you to always hit the ball at the right place and right time, which will lead to much more cleaner strokes.


  • I will show you my favourite and most effective tennis exercises that work for my tennis players every day.
  • You will learn what and how to exercise to never hit the ball again and to finally have a ball always at the right place to be able to hit it the way you want to!

What Some Of My Students Say:

“I’ve been training with Jan for while now and we initially started to work on my contact point as I was late in the position and I was hitting the ball not at the perfect place which prevented me from having a better strokes. After fixing all following Jan’s 3 tips, Im now more confident where to hit the ball and I generate much more effortless power. Highly recommending this course to all as it covers exactly what Jan does on the court and it works very well.”

Enrique A., Barcelona

“I have applied Jan’s 3 tips as I struggled with my forehand and he told me I was hitting a ball a bit late and next to my body. So we worked on it while I trained with Jan in Barcelona and then I keep going following his simple 3 steps that anybody can apply into their game. Really good and simple tips that if done correctly over the time all improves and I now have a early contact point and I generate much more power as its easier to hit the ball now than ever before!”

Janne V., – Finland

“I applied Jan’s 3 tips to fix my contact point as I was hitting ball late with my arm bend and not fully stretched and it worked for me already in about 2 weeks time after applying all Jan talks about and shows in his course. Its working well as Jan has been using this on court for years, so to have it online and have access to his course and other courses is just great and feels like having Jan next to me on court. Thanks, Luis!”

Luis B., Mexico

I will look forward to see you on the inside and to help you fix your forehand now!

Jan Metelka

USPTR Performance Pro Tennis Coach & Founder of PLB Tennis Method®


Who this course is for:

  • This course is great for any tennis player who struggles to hit the ball on time & in front. All levels can benefit from this course as up to 85% of club tennis players do hit the ball late.
  • Beginners to Advanced tennis players


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