3ds Max to Unreal Engine Workflow and Troubleshooting


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If you have 3D designs that you want to take from 3ds Max and make interactive, you’ve probably already explored using Unreal Engine. In this course, Brian Bradley shows you some potential workflows for transferring assets from 3ds Max into Unreal in as clean and easy a manner as possible, including some of the potential problems and pitfalls that you can run into along the way. Brian first covers the steps you should take in 3ds Max to get your scenes ready for export in a quick and straightforward manner. Then, he gets into how to fix some of the common problems that might arise at different points along the production process. After this course, you’ll be better equipped to transfer your assets smoothly and spend less time moving your files around and more time working in Unreal.


  • Brian Bradley Freelance Training Author specialising in lighting & rendering in Unreal, V-Ray and 3ds Max

    Brian Bradley is a self-taught 3D artist and business owner.

    Brian started experimenting with creative software and 3D applications around the end of 1993, wondering whether or not he could make a living working with such cool tools! By 1998 he had started his own multimedia business, working on projects ranging from flying logos to graphic design for clothing and vehicles to entire product and architectural visualization projects.

    While learning the tools of his trade, Brian developed a keen awareness of the need for well-explained, high-quality training that could make software tools accessible and open to anyone who wanted to learn them. In 2007 he turned the attention of his family business toward the full-time teaching of the graphic design and production tools he loves to others.

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