Lisset Perrier Photography – Waiting for you Edit


Lisset Perrier Photography – Waiting for you Edit


One of the most flexible and fun ways to give your images a painterly fine art quality is to use overlays and textures in this video you will learn how you can transform a simple image  in a piece of art. With a few simple steps some inspiration and your own imagination, you’ll be making fine art images in no time!

This tutorial is more than 60 minutes with detailed step by step instructions.

• Image is edited by hand

• Editing is done in Photoshop CC

• My tutorials are for photographers who have an understanding of layers and layer masks.

• Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE due to the nature of the product.

For Personal and professional use.

This video is Copyrighted and can NOT be resold or gifted. 2 action included FREE

Also  I am affiliate with  Jessica DrossinJD Beautiful World: Textures get 15% off discount code~ lisset~


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