2020-1-College level Business Certificate-Fundamentals


2020-1-College level Business Certificate-Fundamentals   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • 1. Pass the beginners level exams in Business Studies
  • 2. Pass – with ease – IGCSE Business Studies
  • 3. Impress their teachers with their up to date knowledge!
  • 4. Understand – and discuss – the basics of business
  • 1. An interest in business – in particular, studying for IGCSE Business Studies
  • 2. A desire to achieve exam success in short time
  • 3. A willingness to learn from your surroundings rather than a textbook
  • 4. As there are links given in the lectures you should be able to use the internet – make sure you have anti-virus software that is up to date!
  • 5. Time. Although the lectures are short, to gain full value from the course, you should also do the homework!
  • 6. Access to the internet – make sure you have up to date anti-virus software!
  • 7. Anyone with an interest in Business.

Seven reasons to TAKE THIS COURSE right now:

  1. You cannot lose – 30 day refund if you really really don’t like the course BUT if you DO like it:

    a. updated lectures

    b. case studies based on very very current news items

    c. detailed responses to messages

    d. I constantly attempt to have a ‘class atmosphere’ e.g. throwing questions open to all

    e. regular Announcements that are not disguised sales ploys

    f. regular FREE access to numerous other courses offered by me

  2. I am a lecturer/teacher in Economics and Business by trade i.e. I teach full-time for a living. I have been Principal, Director of Studies and Head of Economics. (Oxford, UK)  I have lectured in University, adult evening classes and also run over 50 seminars in the UK
  3. I am/have been an Examiner for FIVE different examination boards
  4. I have 100+ books on Amazon – many of them about business/economics
  5. The success of my students has been featured on the BBC, (just go to the BBC site and search my name) Daily Telegraph, The Times and I have been featured on TV in 2 countries.
  6. Schools take TWO years – I have had students pass after just 4 hours of lessons!
  7. I run training courses for Business Studies teachers (OSL Training – google it)

    About this course

    This is a detailed course that if followed – which includes the reading and homework – will enable students to pass IGCSE (or GCSE) Business Studies with ease. (IGCSE is an International Business Studies examination) It is also a very useful primer for anyone seeking to study for a Business Degree but has no prior knowledge. The lectures are very up to date and the links are constantly being updated so this course is also applicable for someone who has an interest but has never formally studied a course.

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This course is the INTERNATIONAL version and so the contents are useful for students all over the world – especially if they are studying at school or college.

Topics covered include:

  • Marketing pricing, place, product, promotion, people….
  • Finance – balance sheet etc
  • Production – stock control, quality control…
  • HRM – training, motivation, recruitment…
Who this course is for:
  • 1. Students thinking of studying Business Studies and want to get ahead
  • 2. Students currently on a GCSE or IGCSE course and wish to study outside of class
  • 3. Students currently studying A level Business Studies and wish to revise the basics


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