Shelly McDonald – Caribbean Workout ; Aerobics Free Download
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Shelly McDonald – Caribbean Workout ; Aerobics   Free Tutorial Download

All the workouts are about 20 minutes long. I usually work out for an hour, so I do two or three at a time, or do one of them along with another dvd. I never did these when they were on tv, but I do like Shelly’s personality. The workouts are interesting without being too complicated. I prefer the Aerobics dvds to the Kickboxing, as I didn’t think the kickboxing routines were challenging enough for me. If you’re looking for workouts that are fun without the dread factor, and not too long, these are for you!
Only one con: As other reviewers have mentioned, the camera work is not great. I’m not sure if they had some amateur filming these, but several times, the camera will be pointed at the sky, while Shelly is giving instructions. Overall, these are great!


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