Adobe Photoshop Level 1 – Photo Collage Free Download
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Adobe Photoshop Level 1 - Photo Collage 1

Adobe Photoshop Level 1 – Photo Collage   Free Tutorial Download

Target audience

  • Beginners who do not know anything about Adobe Photoshop and want to learn about it
  • People who want to make creative photo collages for their Facebook/twitter/YouTube cover picture
  • Photographers


  1. The interface of Adobe Photoshop
  2. Setting up the document
  3. Importing pictures
  4. Using transform tools
  5. Using move tool, marquee tools, paint bucket tool
  6. Applying colors in shapes
  7. Applying pictures in different shapes
  8. Using layers effectively
  9. Applying effects on pictures
  10. Putting pictures in grids


To make you more confident working with Adobe Photoshop and be able to make amazing and creative photo grid collages in Adobe Photoshop


Download  Adobe Photoshop Level 1 – Photo Collage  Free

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