5 Easy-to-grow vegetables & herbs plus vegetable planter


Growing your own vegetables is both fun and rewarding, and it’s not a difficult thing to do. No matter how much space, time or money you have, you can easily put a few seeds in some soil, sprinkle them with water and away you go. In this course, I’m going to go through five vegetables (well, technically four vegetables and one fruit), and show you how simple it is to grow your own lettuces, radishes, peas, tomatoes and carrots.

I’ll also include some hints and tips to help you on your way.

With this bonus course, you will learn to build your very own stackable vegetable planter.

This project is perfect for you if you would like to grow your own vegetables.

The basic design is a single-layered square planter with no base, and you can build as may of these as you like to so that you create taller planter for vegetables that have a deeper root system. You can also place them side by side for an allotment-style arrangement.

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