Basics of Python and Object Oriented Programming in ~4 hrs Free Download
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Basics of Python and Object Oriented Programming in ~4 hrs, FreeTuts Download

Basics of Python and Object Oriented Programming in ~4 hrs   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Python programming language
  • Object Oriented Programming


  • Just basic Mathematics and English


Congratulations on deciding to become a programmer and particularly python programmer. Python programming world is wonderful! It gives you an unimaginable and endless power over problems that can be tackled with computers.  You are at the right page if you have the will but do not want to invest a long time for the basics of python programming. If you want a quick and stable start, most likely you are at the correct place. I have assumed that you are a complete beginner.

This course does not assume any prior knowledge of Python programming and is meant to cover from basics till the object oriented programming (OOP) concepts. The course length is approximately 4 hours and you can finish the course in 2-3 sittings.

(1) Installation of Python

(2) Installation of Jupyterlab

(3) Core data types of Python (Scalars): Characters/Strings, Integers, Floating point number, Logical/Boolean, Datetime

(4) More data types of Python: Lists, Tuples, Dictionary and nested Lists/Tuples

(5) Repeat a block of code: For and While loop

(6) Conditional branching of logic: If, else if and else

(7) Functions: (When to use them and how to use them)

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(8) Introduction to objects and object oriented programming and a Cool BATMAN project demonstrating the OOP with Python

(9) Basic visualization of data

(10) Exceptions and error handling

(11) File Input/Output operations

I hope you find the course worthy of your 5 hours. This is version 1 of the course. If you have suggestions/feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn programming and chooses Python as the language


Download  Basics of Python and Object Oriented Programming in ~4 hrs  Free

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