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Entrepreneurship – Bootstrapping Your Business   Free Tutorial Download

Bootstrapping—launching and managing a business that is primarily self-funded—is a popular but difficult entrepreneurial endeavor. Author and entrepreneur Rudolph Rosenberg shows entrepreneurs how to bootstrap a business via solid planning and rigorous attention to all aspects of the venture.

He shows why beginning with the end is important: framing the venture by anticipating your exit strategy. He explores key resource-planning factors as well as the competencies and considerations required to fund and grow a bootstrapped business. The course then details how to manage the startup and evaluate it realistically to determine whether to stay the course or pull the plug. Finally, viewers will learn how to validate the business-plan assumptions effectively to determine viability and growth trajectory.

Topics include:

  • Summarize the five pillars of bootstrapping.
  • Determine which type of office space would be most beneficial for a given business.
  • Explain the concept of linearizing expenditures.
  • Identify the reason why making sales quickly is important to bootstrapping.
  • Recall strategies for attracting new customers.
  • Recognize the advantages of working in short cycles.
  • Explain the importance of having a work-life balance.


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