8 Things You Must Know in Python


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There are many beginner Python tutorials, but to build useful applications, you need to move beyond the basics. This course helps you on the journey to writing intermediate-level Python code. Instructor Jonathan Fernandes presents eight things that you should know how to do in Python. Topics include the Python any() and all() methods, using enumerate() and zip() methods, min() and max(), and more. For each topic, Jonathan provides a hands-on approach and then gives you a challenge (with solutions) to practice.



  • Jonathan Fernandes Machine Learning and AI Leader. I create working AI prototypes and hand these over to development teams to build on.
    Jonathan Fernandes works for a consultancy and primarily focuses on data science, AI, and big data.Jonathan enjoys his work, as it combines his love of numbers, coding, and statistics. Jonathan has an undergraduate degree in computer science, and an MBA from the University of Warwick.

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