A Quick Intro to Distributed Tracing with Jaeger Free Download
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A Quick Intro to Distributed Tracing with Jaeger, FreeTuts Download

A Quick Intro to Distributed Tracing with Jaeger   Free Tutorial Download

In this course students will quickly learn the basics of Jaeger so they can hit the ground running for any project related to distributed monitoring for micro-services.

In this course we setup a Jaeger server locally on your machine and then test it out with their sample “HotRod” application. We will follow all the default settings and keep it easy to understand.  Once you have understood how to do this, you will be able to setup Jaeger and integrate it with your custom applications as well. Then you can setup monitoring as per your own needs and requirements.

Once you are done with this course, you would have setup Jaeger, integrated it with a Java-Spring application and made use of all the popular Jaeger features. This will include setting up spans and traces along with tags and logs. You will be able to make use of some advanced features like the ChildOf function.

Everything is well documented and separated, so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge. The course will have a combination of theory and practical examples.

Who this course is for:

  • This video course is for developers, architects, DevOps engineers and administrators who would like to deploy a micro-services architecture and then monitor it using Jaeger
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