A Road-map to pursue a career in piping engineering



What you’ll learn

  • Learn about one of the core engineering domain in mechanical engineering

  • Overview of Piping engineering

  • Depth of core engineering activities done in piping

  • Job Opportunities in different types of industries across the world

  • Various engineering disciplines and division in piping

  • Most wanted jobs in piping engineering


  • Graduate Mechanical Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers who are interested in core engineering fields

  • Mechanical Engineers who wanted to become a design engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers who wanted to work in Oil & Gas, petrochemical and Refinery

  • This course has been designed to help the fresh mechanical engineers and beginner level piping engineers to educate about one of the core engineering domain known as “Piping Engineering” in the world which has an endless opportunities across the world.
  • The Piping engineering domain offers lots of benefits for mechanical engineers, such as it offers lucrative packages, core engineering experience, high job satisfaction and huge opportunities around the world.
  • This course is going to be an eye opening for mechanical engineering students to aware about the amount of opportunities in front of them, the different engineering roles that they can perform, and various engineering fields within one industry.
  • In this course, i have also clearly explained by indicating the exact name of all the industries where piping engineering can find opportunities and why these industries are going to last long for more no. of years.
  • Moreover this course also describes about the different type of engineering functions available within piping engineering, in order to help students to realize that they have various options.
  • Above all, this course also list out the different types of job roles with exact designation names , skills & education required to become one of these roles. The content was designed to educate the students about the different designations available within piping engineering and the skills that they have to learn to become one.
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Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical engineers
  • Piping engineers
  • Piping designers
  • Graduate Mechanical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers who are pursuing engineering currently
  • Engineering students
  • Piping construction engineers
  • Piping quality inspectors
  • Engineers who are interested in core engineering
  • Major Industries and Business where piping jobs are high


  • Different engineering functions and areas within piping engineering


  • Various Job & Designations and its Skills & Education required for getting job.


Piping Engineering Instructor

A Piping Design Engineer with 15 years of diversified experience in design, construction, maintenance and operation of process plant. Highly skilled in performing detailing engineering and providing engineering solutions to integrity issues in the process plant. Have always enjoyed training the beginners in piping and to see them making their feet high in the organization. Have been obsessed with piping and the kind of engineering challenges that it put across in my day to day experience as an piping design engineer making me so much enthusiastic about this profession.

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