Application Load Balance


Everything you need to know about the Layer 7 Load Balancer on AWS: powerful features, lower costs, and container-ready for use with ECS. Free Download

In August 2016 AWS introduced the Application Load Balancer, as a new alternative to the classic Elastic Load Balancer in AWS. It provides powerful features, lower costs, and is fully container-ready for use with ECS.

In this course, we’ll introduce you to the Application Load Balance in AWS, and show you how to take advantage of it’s powerful features. We’ll take you show 9 hands-on labs & console walkthroughs, so that you gain practical experience with ALB.


Over 2 hours of lessons and labs, this course covers:

  • Introducing ALB
    The first section of our course will introduce the Application Load Balancer to you. Including a comparison between the ALB and the classic Elastic Load Balancer.
  • Creating an ALB
    Setting up an Application Load Balancer is a little bit different than launching a Classic Elastic Load Balancer. Learn about the details of creating an Application Load Balancer including HTTP listener.
  • EC2 with ALB
    Find out how to connect web servers running on EC2 with your Application Load Balancer. Get to know the concept of a Target Group.
  • ECS with ALB
    The ALB is a game changer for containerized workloads on AWS! You will learn how to combine the EC2 Container Service with an Application Load Balancer.
  • Monitoring an ALB
    Keep an eye on your Application Load Balancer with CloudWatch metrics and access logs.
  • Securing an ALB
    Protecting your customers should be your top priority. This section includes everything you need to know about HTTPS, Firewalls, and Access Management.

AWS is always moving. The best time to learn about this new technology is now.

Buy this course and keep yourself up to date. The ALB has many advantages that you can use to make your AWS projects a success!


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