Add Textures to Photos using Procreate Free Download
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Add Textures to Photos using Procreate, FreeTuts Download

Add Textures to Photos using Procreate   Free Tutorial Download

About This Class

Photo Texture overlays add so much mood and feeling to even your most mundane photo. Procreate provides all the tools needed to easily create beautifully textured photos from your own photo collection.

In this class I walk you through my photo texture process using a photo of a dog. I chose that particular dog photo so I could, also, share a quick and affordable background removal process that you may need to use on your photo. Lessons include a video of my before/after travel photos so you can see the possibilities that await your photos.

I equate textures with fonts and brushes…you can never have Enough! If you share that sentiment or love to play with the filter feature on photo apps, than this class is for you.
A basic understanding of layers, tools and blend modes in Procreate (or Photoshop) is assumed for this class. The class is taught using an iPad. Apple Pencil and Procreate app.

Add Textures to Photos using Procreate, FreeTuts Download

Download  Add Textures to Photos using Procreate  Free

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