Advance Android Programming – learning beyond basics – Android Advanced Training

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The Course is about the Advance Topics in Android Development covering the Saving User Preferences in Android using Preferences, Reading and Writing Data to Files in Android (Internal and SdCard), Services, Social Sharing. 

More Sections added on how to share on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. The Tutorial is the ultimate Android Tutorial that deals with all these topics in utmost detail. 


Follow our Ultimate Android Tutorial – the largest Android Tutorial on Udemy. 

More than 300 lectures currently and still updating. 

The tutorial covers the new Facebook API 4.6 to login and share on Facebook. Get the Course Now.

The Tutorial assumes the User has basic knowledge of programming in Android and Java I / O. 

For more on learning Java for Android Development Check out our Java Course.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English Name: Udemy Advance Android Programming – learning beyond basics 

Name of Farsi: Advanced Education Advanced Training Android 

Language Learning:English 

Teacher: Learning Kart 

Level of Training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced 

Training Time: 11 hours + 30 minutes 

File Size : 1540 MB

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