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Power BI is rapidly becoming one of the most popular reporting and visualization tools and is a great way for non-technical users to build their own reports and data visualizations. However, Power BI comes with a rather limited set of standard visuals, and creating custom visuals can be a daunting process, one that requires JavaScript or TypeScript programmers. In this course, Emma Saunders shows programmers who are experienced at creating data visualizations on the web how to create custom visuals in Power BI. Emma starts with the basics of setting up your environment and installing the multitude of requisite files, then shows how to set up an account to access Power BI service. She explains the folder structure for the over 5,000 files you need for a single custom visual, before diving into the creation of custom visuals using single, categorical, and grouped data aggregation.


  • Emma Saunders Product design & data visualisation at Swiss Re
    Emma Saunders is a freelance data consultant specializing in data visualization on the web.She uses HTML, CSS, D3, DC, Crossfilter, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and VBA in her work, but she is a designer as much as a coder. Emma enjoys finding the story in data, and working out the best way to communicate that story.A graduate of Oxford University, Emma has 15 years of business experience, starting on the Shell graduate scheme, and moving to Credit Suisse, the UK financial regulator, and even working a brief spell as a journalist at the Financial Times in London. She has never worked in an IT department, but taught herself coding skills as they have become useful from job to job. She also ran her own online business for a few years from 2006, and coded an ecommerce site for that venture. She is available professionally via
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