Advanced strategy development for Crypto with Python



What you’ll learn

  • Build, optimize and backtest trading system using Python

  • Make real time market screener with price levels

  • Analyse strategy results like Maximum drawdown, Accuracy etc…

  • Learn to use Binance Rest and Websocket API

  • Improve your Python skills

Learn how to download data for multiple Cryptocurrencies. Build trading system from scratch that uses Volume profiles, linear regression and price action to find interesting price levels where we open position once market returns back.

I will show you how to optimize strategy parameters, run backtests, evaluate results and few more cool stuff that I hope you will find interesting. Then we create screener that automatically download real time data, optimize, backtest and plot our levels so you can monitor multiple instruments easily. At the end you will have several useful tools that you can use for your own algorithmic strategies. And also nice introduction to concepts like Monte Carlo analysis or Walk forward optimization that algorithmic traders use to test their strategies.

Visualization is crucial part of understanding what is happening when you run backtest so I will show you how to get the most out of python visualization libraries that I use most of the time.

I use Cryptocurrencies as an example but you can use most of the code for Forex, stocks or other instruments with slight adjustments…

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I really hope that you will learn something new here and use this informations to build even better trading systems.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers curious about trading
  • Traders who want to backtest, improve or automate trading strategy
  • Crypto traders who want to get more knowledge about the field

I have master degree in civil engineering but since college I have strong passion about markets. I trade Forex and Futures since 2013 and later I added Crypto as well. Coding is not my main focus but I like to see backtesting results of my strategies before I add them to my portfolio. That is why I started to learn Python as a tool to help me with this. I spent countless hours developing my skills on trading and now I want to help another traders to use some of my knowledge. I am sure everyone will find some use of informations and tips that I provide.

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