Advanced VHDL for Verification


What you’ll learn

  • Advanced VHDL for verification, including TextIO, configurations, generics, records, BFM, multi-dimensional arrays, and access types.


  • Experience in VHDL RTL design. Introduction to VHDL course completion recommended.

The advanced VHDL course includes advanced RTL features as well as verification behavioral capabilities :

– VHDL Configurations

– VHDL Arrays

– Modeling memories in VHDL, creating inferred memories in RTL

– Modeling and inferring FIFOs in VHDL

– VHDL Signal Hierarchy

– VHDL Generics , Records, and Alias

– VHDL File I/O , and TextIO

– Creating pseudo-code for simulations

– Developing VHDL Bus Functional Models

Who this course is for:

  • VHDL RTL or Verification engineers who want to use the VHDL language to improve verification.

FPGA / ASIC Design Engineer

Twenty five years of experience in designing FPGAs and ASICs for the commercial and aerospace markets.  Instructor for many years at California State University.   Lecturer and instructor for major companies including Boeing, Rockwell, Intel, Xilinx, and AMD.  FPGA designs in aerospace, communications, image processing, and automation.  Popular lecturer for development seminars and company learning events.

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