Allen Bradley Micro 850 PLC, Panelview HMI



What you’ll learn

  • How to program an Allen Bradley Micro 850 programmable logical controller. This controller is used in small manufacturing processes and will enhance future learning in Human Machine Interface and Variable Frequency Drive development.


  • Should have some prior electrical knowledge

This course encapsulates wiring and programming of the Micro 850 PLC with an emphasis on digital inputs and outputs, timers, counters, comparison, and math instructions. The Micro 850 is a recent product and is primarily used in small manufacturing processes and control. It is compatible with most Allen Bradley Human Machine Interfaces and Variable Frequency Drives. The first section is a general introduction to PLCs and where they are used and their purposes. The second section focuses on the nomenclature and physical properties of a PLC. The third section shows us how to wire inputs and outputs of a PLC, and speak a little towards sinking and sourcing inputs and outputs. In the next section, we program a short switch controlling an output. We program a start stop station and actually give an example of setting it up on the human machine interface device for monitoring and control. We introduce the electrical interlock program for forward and reverse motor control. We’ll then program timers, counters, comparison instructions, and math instructions. The lessons are primarily provided by videos that contain lectures and physical demonstrations. It is advisable that the students have a little background in electrical circuitry. A little background in PLCs would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Terms will be introduced like inputs, outputs, downloading and uploading, IP addresses, protocol, binary numbering systems, and addressing at the instruction level.

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Who this course is for:

  • People currently working in manufacturing or the electrical industry or aspire to those positions

Doctorate in Workforce Education PSU

My name is Dr. Thomas Viviano and have been teaching electrical theory. Motor control, relay logic, and PLCs for approximately 25 years. I also taught at Temple University, Bucks County Community College, and various trade schools in the electrical mechanical discipline. It’s very important to me that I teach the way that I learn, and that is breaking down large and complicated concepts into smaller and easier to understand chunks. I make sure I am available for questions and added needed assistance when necessary. Welcome to the course and I look forward to working with you.

Thomas Viviano Ph.D.

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