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AloMoves – Precision Barre Toning   Free Tutorial Download


Precision Barre Toning is unlike any barre program you have seen, and you won’t find these moves in any class or studio! I often have clients that ask me “How do I get rid of this, how do I tone that, or how do I get stronger here…” and these are the moves I have found to be most effective for my clients and for me. I’ve designed these 10 different ballet-inspired workouts to be intense and effective – in only fifteen minutes you will target, spot treat and strengthen your body, whether you want to work your thighs, glutes, abs, arms or calves! You might think that you need more than 15 minutes, but I promise you that this is all that you need to tone and sculpt your body and leave you feeling great in your own skin! These exercises are perfect to add to your current fitness routine, or for when you just want to spot treat a particular area of your body. For those of you who don’t have 30 minutes or more to dedicate to longer sessions but still want to move and sweat, these will give you that quick but really challenging workout!


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