AloMoves – The Method- Backbending Free Download
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AloMoves – The Method- Backbending, FreeTuts Download

AloMoves – The Method- Backbending   Free Tutorial Download


Bring peace of mind to your backbends. This seven-class series will teach you Talia’s 3-step method for safe backbending so you can find more joy in each posture. You’ll experience bliss and happiness as you explore deeper movement with confidence. Using the 3-step method, you will: – Observe and witness your spine as it is right now. – Initiate movement from top to bottom. – Hold poses by joyfully expanding the front body. This series instructs you through each step of the method, starting with a short, philosophy-based class and followed by a full warm-up for your wrists and back. The method is then applied through four body-area-specific classes: upper/middle back, shoulders, hip flexors, and the entire back core. In a final 60-minute flow class, you’ll apply your new skills using breath and movement to open the front body and safely relax into your backbends. Perfect for the yogi who may experience discomfort or fear when backbending, these classes will help you move with more confidence, freedom, and joy. The space you create in your backbends will relieve physical and mental stress by allowing energy to flow freely and promote full-body healing.


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