Amazon FBA Advanced Pricing Strategies For Serious Sellers


Hi!  My name is Raj and I’ve been an Amazon seller for over 12 years.  To date, I have sold over $100 million worth of Amazon products in MY OWN seller account.  In 2020, I sold over $25 million worth of products just on Amazon.

I believe I am uniquely qualified to teach about Amazon because I am:

a) a large seller with years of experience in multiple categories across all different types of products and strategies(wholesale, arbitrage, dropshipping, and private label)

b) someone who built their business from the ground up with little capital and no investors.  I still own 100% of the company today.

c) a no-nonsense approach that is fast paced for sellers who are looking to really grow.  I will not hand hold you or waste time teaching you basics you can learn from somewhere else.  I will teach you the things you really want to know about Amazon.

d) I’m not looking to sell you anything in the future or hide anything.  I’ll give you everything I know in that course on a particular topic.

I run my business full time and decided to start a teaching course at a low price because I was tired of seeing all of these “Amazon Gurus” and “Masters” who sold expensive courses to innocent people.  I create courses when I have some free time and not doing this as a source of income.  I hope you will enjoy the courses as I think that even though they may not be “fancy” or “flashy” graphically, the knowledge and content will be worth 100s or 1000s times more than what you paid.

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