Angular: From Beginner to Advanced Free Download
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Angular: From Beginner to Advanced, FreeTuts Download

Angular: From Beginner to Advanced  Free Tutorial Download


[Preorder] Angular: From Beginner to Advanced

The number one resource for Angular developers.

My name is Paul Halliday and I’ve used Angular since the early 1.0 days. When I heard about Angular 2, I jumped straight in and started learning the new concepts (before NgModule was even released!). At this time, I didn’t realise the full potential of TypeScript or the reactive patterns of RxJS.

Skip forward to two years later when Angular 5.x> is about to be released, I’ve learned a lot about the many design patterns of Angular applications and I’m condensing it down into a course that covers all of this in detail. Going forward, we’ll be looking at everything from the Angular CLI, to the inner workings of Angular and creating projects involving Firebase, and other exciting technologies.

We’ll be covering everything from:

  • Angular CLI Deep Dive: Setting up your first Angular project with the Angular CLI.
  • NgModules: Learn about feature modules and core modules.
  • Core Components: Understand the building blocks of Angular.
  • Structural Directives: Make conditional changes to the DOM.
  • Attribute Directives: Stylistic changes based on data.
  • Dependency Injection: Learn how to take advantage of services.
  • Advanced Components: Use @ViewChild and @ContentChild to access child component data.
  • Pipes: Make use of built in Angular pipes and create your own.
  • Design Patterns: Understand why we develop our applications the way we do.
  • Angular Material: Style your applications with Google’s Material Design
  • Project: GitHub Profile Searcher: Make use of the topics we’ve learned to create an application with material design, HttpClient, HttpInterceptors, lazy loaded routing, and much more. Build the final product for production AND deploy this to Firebase Hosting to share this with your friends!
  • …And more!
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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would like to learn Angular from scratch or learn more complex aspects

Angular: From Beginner to Advanced, FreeTuts Download

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