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About This Class
Create an animated TikTok version of yourself for the funniest, weirdest, most joyful social media platform on the internet!

Karen Jordan, known to most as @okaykaren1, has amassed a huge following that loves her quick, relatable, funny animations — of which she is the star! Well, an animated version of her, of course. As an illustrator first, Karen went through a ton of designs to finally land on the one that felt right, and now she’s sharing her process and her insight with you!

As an illustrator, Karen relied on Procreate to create her art, and her animation work is no different. Still using Procreate, Karen animates onionskin-style — one frame over another in succession. She knows a lot about how to create characters that work best in this style, and why the shift from illustration to animation (and back, when she feels like it!) in Procreate felt totally natural to her. She encourages other illustrators to try it with her!

Alongside Karen’s engaging, super-fun teaching style, you’ll learn how to:

Figure out a character design that’s true to you
Animate onionskin-style in Procreate
Color, cut, and upload to TikTok
Develop your personal animation style over time
Get excited — all you need is your iPad, a phone, and the TikTok app, and you’re ready to get started!

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