Animating Textures In After Effects


In this class, animating textures in after effects, you will learn how to create animated textures and how to apply them in many different ways in After Effects! This includes animations, illustrations, texts, backgrounds and so much more!
This class is for anyone who is interested and no prior skill level is necessary because I will walk you through the steps to learn this technique. The only requirement is that you have Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop (Procreate or Clip Studio Paint will work as well)
This technique will give your motion graphics and animation that extra bit of motion it needs! Also, since this technique is so malleable and easily adjustable, you can make a unique texture for your assets and make your work stand out from the rest.
It’s also an easy way to add motion to many different things in a very simple way!
You can apply this to all types of work in after effects and the possible varieties of textures are literally endless!!
The only requirement is that you have adobe after effects and Adobe Photoshop. I will also provide all of my project files and necessary resources in the projects and resources tab in this class!
The reason why you should join this class is that this is an amazing skill to have in your arsenal and a great way to create motion for anything and will save you a lot of time! It is also something that top motion graphic designers and animators use in their work too! So be a part of this class and learn this invaluable technique today!

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