Application security on AWS with Amazon Cognito Free Download
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Application security on AWS with Amazon Cognito 1

Application security on AWS with Amazon Cognito   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Amazon Cognito service features and usage scenarios
  • Add authentication and authorization to your application using Amazon Cognito
  • Utilize Amazon Cognito Identity Federation to authenticate users with OAuth
  • Implement role-based authorization to AWS services in your application


  • Basic AWS experience, specially (S3, API Gateway, Lambda, IAM)
  • Programming experience is preferred, specially in JavaScript
  • Experience using AWS web console and CLI for basic commands
  • Understanding of web application security and architecture

Amazon Cognito is a managed service from AWS that is used to add authentication and authorization features to web and mobile applications. Cognito could be used as Identity Provider (User Pool) where it keeps and maintains users. And it could be used as Identity Broker (Identity Federation) by federating authentication to third-party identity provider like social media accounts or enterprise IDP

In this course we will have a closer look at Amazon Cognito and understand the basics and what authentication and authorization features Cognito has to offer.

This course is a series of hands-on labs focused primarily on the objectives below:

  • Create and manage Cognito user pools and identity federation
  • Implement API Gateway resources security using Cognito User Pool
  • Implement identity federation to authenticate users using OAuth
  • Implement web client code to authenticate users and access secured AWS services
  • Implement role-based authorization using identity federation and IAM roles
Who this course is for:
  • Application developers building and deploying applications on AWS
  • Solutions architects interested in authentication and authorization services on AWS

Download  Application security on AWS with Amazon Cognito Free

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