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What you’ll learn
  • Participants will have an overview of what predictive data analytics are, which AI software are available and how can they improve the business performance and how Microsoft is using this technology.
  • No tools are required, just basic knowledge and experience on business administration


This module is part of the Innovation Accelerators section of the Digital Business
Global Master Program.  Artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be a disruptive force in business and society. We
can see the technologies playing out in the marketplace already.

And those businesses that have data, software competencies and the vision and means to make
the necessary investments are leading the way. This module will present why this is
happening the developing technologies and the business dynamics and explore
how businesses are capitalizing on this emerging force.

Who this course is for:
  • Professionals who want to explore what AI really is, why and how it will transform every business in every industry.

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