Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree + Version 2.0.0 [2 In 1] Free Download
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Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree + Version 2.0.0 [2 In 1] 1

Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree + Version 2.0.0 [2 In 1] 2

Download Tutorial Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree + Version 2.0.0 [2 In 1]

1. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree – Size : 8.28 GB
Contains : 6 Files
Description : Learn about the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in this introductory graduate-level course. It provides a survey of various topics in the field along with in-depth discussion of foundational concepts such as classical search, probability, machine learning, logic and planning.

Topics :

– Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (3GB)
– Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (1.3GB)
– machine learning 1A (920MB)
– machine learning 1B (909 MB)
– machine learning 2 (950 MB)
– machine learning 3 (1 GB)

2. Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree v2.0.0 – Size : 1.61 GB
Contains : 1,782 Files, 46 Folders
Description : Become an expert in the core concepts of artificial intelligence and learn how to apply them to real-life problems.

– Course Info .txt + Course Index Added Into Folder.

Why Take This Nanodegree Program? 

Learn from the world’s foremost AI experts, and develop a deep understanding of algorithms being applied to real-world problems in natural language processing, computer vision, bioinformatics, and more. Practice a structured approach for applying these techniques to new challenges, and emerge fully prepared to advance in the field.

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  1. Thank you for the share. The file is very large to download in one shot. Can you please upload each one separately. Because I do not have space or memory To download such a big file. Would you do that for me please, please, please :-).

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