ASP NET Core 3 (ASP.NET 5), MVC, C #, Angular & EF Crash Course. ASP.NET Core 3, MVC, C #, Angola & AFC

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to develop and host ASP.NET Web Applications in a cross-platform environment? Well you have come to the right place. 

ASP.NET Core 3 (Formerly known as ASP.NET 5) is the new way to develop Cross Platform web applications in ASP.NET and C #. In this course, I will teach you how to build ASP.NET Core Web Applications from the ground up. We will also examine and demonstrate all of the features of MVC, Entity Framework Core, Web Api, Angular & C #. After we develop our ASP.NET Core Web App, I will teach you how to deploy your web app to Microsoft Azure. 

What is ASP.NET Core? 

ASP.NET Core is an open source and cross-platform application framework used to develop cloud based web applications using .NET. 

Why Build Web Applications in ASP.NET Core?

The web stack for ASP.NET is based on a legacy platform. ASP.NET has a lot of unused code in the .NET Framework. Since ASP.NET 1.0 (over 15 years old), there’s a lot of legacy code that has to be loaded even when it is not used in your web projects. This can cause performance issues in your web apps. ASP.NET Core solves this issue. 

ASP.NET Core is built with the needs of modern Web applications in mind. ASP.NET Core is built to be cloud-ready by introducing environment-based configuration and by providing built-in dependency injection support. 

ASP.NET Core supports cross-platform development on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5) stack is open source and encourages community contributions and engagement from developers.


Manufacturer: Udemy 

English Name: Udemy ASP NET Core 3 (ASP.NET 5), MVC, C #, Angular & EF Crash Course 

Persian Name: Learning ASP.NET 3, MCC , CI, ANGOLAR And Ef Korsh 

Language Learning: English 

Tutor: Devwebtuts 24/7 

Educational level: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced

Training time: 22 hours + 30 minutes 

File size: 3120 MB

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