ASP.NET Core MVC – Up and Running Part 1 (.NET 5)


ASP.NET Core MVC – Up and Running Part 1 (.NET 5)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn basic foundations of ASP NET Core MVC 5
  • Learn structure of ASP NET Core 5 Project
  • Setup Database connection with Entity Framework Core
  • Learn forms and validations in ASP NET Core MVC
  • Learn View Models, ViewBag, ViewData, Sweetalert, Summernote etc.
  • Sessions in ASP NET Core 5
  • Scaffold identity manually to ASP NET Core Project
  • Send Emails with MailJet in ASP NET Core Applications
  • Best practices and assignments


  • 3-6 months familiarity with C# and SQL
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • SQL Server 2017+
  • .NET Core 5
  • Description

    Course comes with 100% support for any questions or errors with the course content / project.

    This is a Beginner course on ASP.NET Core 5 using MVC that will take you from basics structure to building a functional website. This course is for anyone who is familiar with ASP.NET basics and wants to know about applications in ASP.NET Core with MVC as we will integrate it will Entity Framework Core.

    If you want to learn what the buzz word with ASP.NET Core is, and how quickly you can create a functional business website and get an overview of ASP.NET Core MVC, then this is the perfect course.

    We will be building a website for Paver Company where we will display all the products and customers would be able to send inquiries for the product they are interested in.

    We will be setting up a great foundation with all the basic concepts of ASP.NET Core 5

    Focus of this course is not just on teaching you ASP.NET Core, its main focus is getting you ready for real world project.

    I have divided the course in two part. In part 1 we have simple requirements but in Part 2, our requirements will change! Which is a typical real world scenario.

    With that I will explain how to adapt with the changes and make sure the requirements change can be handled as smoothly as possible. Exciting right?

    So Enroll in the only course that will take you from scratch and make you a developer ready for real world projects!

    Who this course is for:

    • Anyone who wants to learn fundamentals of ASP NET Core 5
    • Anyone who is experience with c# but has not had experience to work with ASP NET Core or MVC

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