Automate Your React Native Releases with Fastlane & Bitrise


 Automate Your React Native Releases with Fastlane & Bitrise   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • If you are a newcomer to React Native, you will learn how to create a very simple React Native application using react-native-cli and configure it for further development
  • You will also learn, what Fastlane is and how to configure it for both iOS and Android projects to automatically upload your builds into Stores
  • You will find out what is Bitrise, its basic building blocks and how to set up proper Workflow to automate the release process with Fastlane
  • You will be able to navigate iTunes Connect, Apple Developer Portal and Google Play Console and set up everything you need
  • You’ll perfectly master Fastane and Bitrise to the extent necessary to automate uploading of your applications into Stores, and hungry to learn more
  • You will be able to learn and set it up in a very short time and start using it right away on your own projects


  • You will need at least basic programming knowledge, as you will create a very basic application and working with it throughout the course
  • Elementary orientation in the settings of the development environment is fine … but it is essentially related to the previous point. Nothing complicated is needed, everything will be clearly explained in the course
  • And of course, if you want to develop an application for iOS – you will need a Mac computer

What about automating your entire process of uploading the application into Stores? Or you’ve never released an app before and want to learn it the right way?

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise … and you are in the right place. You just found the course that will learn you step-by-step how to do that.

This is a learn-by-doing course, where you will:

  • find out what you need in order to start creating React Native applications,
  • unveil the complete environment setup on your computer to start working in minutes,
  • create a very simple (empty) React Native application using react-native-cli and fine-tune it to have a consistent project for both platforms,
  • get to know what is Fastlane and how it will change your life,
  • learn how to setup Fastlane for both iOS and Android,
  • be guided through the process of setting up all requirements inside iTunes ConnectApple Developer Portal and Google Play Console
  • learn what is Bitrise
  • learn how to set up Bitrise environment and Workflow to run your builds in the Cloud,
  • be able to run your builds on Bitrise using Fastlane by simple pushing your code into the Git repository
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… and more. Even if you have never logged in to the iTunes Connect, Apple Developer Portal or Google Play Console before …

Here is what you’ll get:

  • more than 2 hours of video lessons guiding you through the process step by step – with no overload,
  • simple makeicon CLI tool, that will generate your application icons in seconds – created specially for this course,
  • complete source code on Github with extensive Wiki covering all the topics in this course and even more – for later reference, when necessary

I’ve created the course I would like to have at the time I started with mobile applications, when I was making my first projects, when I repeatedly – sometimes even a few times a week – made releases. It would save me a lot of time … And it can now help you!

If you’re new to React Native, then this course gives you a quick intro to creating your first very simple React Native application. If you have an experience, you can easily skip a few introductory lessons or treat it as a nice overview. Either way, this course is perfect for you! Automate and save your time.

By the end of this course you’ll perfectly master Fastane and Bitrise to the extent necessary to automate uploading of your applications into Stores, and hungry to learn more. With these skills under your belt, you can upload your releases more often, deliver your apps really fast, focus on implementing new features …

What are you waiting for? Enrol now, come and join me. It’s gonna be fantastic … Click “Enroll now” and let’s get started.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is perfect for beginners with little or no previous React Native experience, to intermediates or advanced experienced students looking to expand their skills to the next level
  • For those, who wants to release React Native applications automatically – without doing the repetitive work associated with releasing
  • Those, who have never uploaded an application to the Stores and want to know how to do that as painlessly as possible

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