Automating feedbacks using Microsoft Forms


Udemy – Automating feedbacks using Microsoft Forms   Free Tutorial Download


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • Should be able to send and receive emails


Everyday countless number of training are happening across the world and countless number of hours is lost in saving those manual forms, collecting them, printing them, evaluating them. More ever we have not even considered the resource who is managing all this and his time and the office time in return.

In this course you will study how to use Microsoft forms for automating your manual feedbacks and adopt it as a system in your office thereby saving countless hours spent on typing and evaluating feedback summary and thus saving on resources.

Who is this course for?

  • Any office executive who wants to save his time from taking Manual Feedbacks
  • Any trainer
  • Any Training Manager who wants a fast summary no sooner the program ends.
  • Any individual who wants to save his stationery and storage space required for collecting and storing the feedbacks.

Automating feedbacks using Microsoft Forms, Free Tutorials Download


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