Automating QGIS 3.xx with Python



What you’ll learn

  • Using the QGIS Python console

  • Using the QGIS Python editor

  • Using PyQGIS to manipuate the QGIS interface

  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers symbology

  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers attributes

  • Using PyQGIS to manipulate a layers geometry

  • Using PyQGIS to perform spatial operations

  • Using PyQGIS to access raster data


  • This is not a beginning course on Python or QGIS. The student is expected to have some familiarity in both. The level of knowledge gained from my course entitled ‘QGIS 3.0 for GIS Professionals’ and Survey of Python for GIS applications’ will provide that experience but are not required.

Take your QGIS skills to the next level by learning how to write python scripts to automate QGIS.  This course was created using QGIS 3.8 and the material should be valid for many years to come as there are not expected to be major changes to the PyQGIS package after the recent change to QGIS 3.0.  All you need for this course is a basic understanding of QGIS and Python. We will be using the editor included with QGIS to write scripts.

Python scripts are much simpler than a full-blown QGIS plugín and the material in this course is focused on the GIS professional who is looking to use python scripts to improve their productivity, rather than the professional programmer. In my work, I have found this knowledge to be indispensable and I can’t imagine working in GIS without having some level of scripting ability.  I believe that by the end of this course you will feel the same way.

Who this course is for:

  • QGIS users who want to take their skills to the next level by learning how to automate their GIS processes and create solutions that are unable natively in QGIS

Featured review

Rating: 5.0 out of 5a year ago

This was a great course for people already familiar with QGIS. In my case it was a followup to Michaelś earlier course QGIS 3.10 LTR for GIS professionals, and previous experience with ArcGIS and Python. The level was perfect for me. Now I just need to follow up to cement some of this knowledge. Iḿ sure it will prove very useful. Michael covers just the right amount of material, and explains things very well.

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I have been programming and working with database applications for over 30 years, and specializing in geospatial applications for over 20 years.  I am a believer in the 80/20 pareto principle which suggests that you only need to understand 20% of a subject in order to do 80% of your work. My goal in all my courses is to teach at the level of that 20% sweet spot and to provide my students with the background and the tools they need to learn the rest of what they need on their own.

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