Autosar Architecture



What you’ll learn

  • Understanding the complete Autosar Architecture and its benefits with comparison

  • Complete indepth training on the Autosar layers ASW and RTE

  • Overview on different BSW layers with indepth on MCAL and ECU Abstraction layer

  • Indepth training on Application software development (Components, Compositions, Ports, Interfaces, Runnables, Events) in Autosar

  • What is RTE and how it works with different examples

  • How to write MCAL drivers and ECU abstraction layer from BSW with Examples

  • Autosar Methodology with example

  • Live demo to create an Autosar software with simple available softwares (Notepad++ and Simple XML editors)

  • Demo and comparison of a live example with a Non-Autosar software with an Autosar software for good understanding


  • Will be an added advantage if we have Basic Knowledge on Embedded software development

  • Note: If we are completely new to embedded programming then the terms explained here might be difficult to grasp as it all relates to real time automotive examples. I would request your patience incase as understanding all at the first place would be hard. Please use the Q&A section to bring up your queries and i will be answer them for you.

Autosar is a demanding standard in the Automotive Industry and it has become a must know knowledge nowadays.

In this course we will be looking from the very basics of Autosar and we will go step by step with understanding each and every concept of Autosar Architecture and finally we will have a demo session on how to design an Autosar software with a live use-case. This course covers all categories of audience since we start the explanation form the very basics and we go on step by step to the advanced level.

What is covered in this course ?

  1. End to End overview on the complete Autosar Architecture and its layers are covered
  2. Indepth on entire Application Software layer development (ASW) + complete demo
  3. Indpeth theory on complete RTE layer + partial demo
  4. Overview on all BSW layers with indepth only on MCAL and ECU Abstraction Layer + demo

What is not covered ?

  • Indepth on the BSW layers like COM Stack, MEM Stack, Diagnostic stack are not covered as they are separate specialisation topics

    However the basics on what these layers are, is explained.


The theoretical session is for the first 2 hours where we will learn the Autosar terms and concepts in a detailed manner with short use-cases taken from the live automotive applications. The theory will cover complete ASW layer, complete RTE layer and BSW overview

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The demo will be covered with every tags explained in the arxml configuration that is part of the use-case and on how to write the C Code based on the designed configurations. We will use Notepad++ and simple xml editor for this so we could also try out the demo easily. The demo will have a mixture of short theories as well where we will explain the approach for designing the software which will help us to have a better understanding while writing our code. Demo covers complete ASW development, MCAL & ECU abstraction development from BSW layer and RTE Code.

By the end of the course we will have a good learning on Autosar and we will be able to develop an Autosar software from scratch.

Free Preview is enabled for the below theory lectures.

  • Section-4    Lecture-10  (Sender Receiver Interface)
  • Section-5    Lecture- 13 (Compositions and Connectors)

Update: Auto generated English captions that was misleading is manually overwritten with proper captions.

Who this course is for:

  • Embedded Software developers in Automotive industry who would like to use Autosar Architecture
  • Students and Job seekers who are willing to learn Autosar and work in automotive domain

Working in Automotive Industry on Autosar for the past 8+ years.

Specialised in Autosar topics and working for 2 Autosar Core organisations. Active contributor to Autosar consortium with the changes required for tools, methods and standards.

Expert in IOT (Internet of Things) in designing embedded solutions of monitoring devices that can talk with each other and connected to the cloud.

You can visit my profile to connect with me!.

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