Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle Free Download
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Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle 1

Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Managing dev teams using Azure Boards
  • Mapping work items to your organization’s Agile or Scrum processes
  • Setting up Git-based workflows in Azure Repos
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines
  • Building code every time a commit is saved to a Master branch
  • Performing tests of code using Azure Test Plans
  • Connecting to existing code repos in GitHub


  • This course is designed for people who are new to DevOps terms and concepts
  • Having a basic knowledge of the cloud is helpful
  • Knowing about software development and Git is good


The best of both worlds. Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle

Learn Microsoft Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps in this 2 course bundle Masterclass.

The Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 in 1 Bundle is for IT professionals and beginners alike who know the basic cloud computing concepts, but would like to grow their career and take skills to the next level.

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

In this course you will learn the following.

  • Microsoft Azure DevOps fundamentals
  • Understand Microsoft Azure DevOps pipelines
  • Understand AWS basics
  • Learn to create AWS DevOps automated pipelines
  • Know the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) concepts
  • Work with Microsoft Azure boards and repositories
  • Implement AWS automation tools such as Cloud Formation
  • Become proficient with Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployments
  • Learn AWS Codestar, AWS Codepipeline, AWS Cloud9 and other services
  • Complete DevOps life cycle along with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Micro-services architecture and continuous integration along with continuous delivery (CI/CD)
  • AWS VPC, Elastic beanstalk, Route53, Git, GitHub, version control and much more

See what our students say “It is such a comprehensive course that I don’t need to take any other course but this one to learn all important concepts and application of Azure and AWS DevOps implementation, and I would without a doubt recommend it to everyone.” – Gustav Rohen

“This is such an awesome course. Clear instruction, and I loved every bit of it. “Wonderful learning experience!”  Vishnu

Join thousands of other students and share valuable experience!

This course also comes with:

  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section
  • Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download
  • Numerous resources and guides

Why take this course?

As an IT Enterprise Architect, AWS, Microsoft, and Cisco Certified, managing and deploying enterprise level IT projects,  my experience with Microsoft Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps has been phenomenally great and I am excited to share my knowledge and transfer skills to my students.

Enroll now in Microsoft Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle today and revolutionize your learning. Stay at the cutting edge and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

See you in class!

Qasim Shah

Team ClayDesk

Who this course is for:

  • IT professionals who have heard the term DevOps, but want some hands-on experience
  • Project managers and Product Owners who want to oversee a CI/CD workflow
  • System operations personnel who want to leverage DevOps tools into their deployments
  • Developers who want to understand the possibilities of code deployment with DevOps


Download  Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps Masterclass 2 Course Bundle  Free

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