Basic to Pre-Intermediate Tumbling (Gymnastics, Acrobatics) Free Download
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Basic to Pre-Intermediate Tumbling (Gymnastics, Acrobatics) 1

 Basic to Pre-Intermediate Tumbling (Gymnastics, Acrobatics)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Forward Roll
  • Dive Forward Roll
  • L – Handstand and Pre-Handstand
  • Handstand to Forward Roll
  • Cartwheel
  • Handstand to chest Roll
  • Backward Roll


  • Open Space – even if Lounge or Bedroom (Make enough space)
  • Lots of Pillows
  • Soft landing mat, sturdy – thin or thick even if a mattress.
  • Acknowledge that you take full responsibility of any accidents or injuries that you may incur whilst doing this course

Learn how to

  • Do a quick warm up routine to prepare the body for physical exercise, (however time should be set aside after warm up to go slowly through the progressive Drills of each skill shown in the video, to be thoroughly physically warm and fully mentally prepared for Tumbling Skills.
  • Handstand (Pre-Handstand for this course)
  • Cartwheel on Right and Left Leg
  • Forward Roll.
  • Handstand to Chest Roll
  • Dive Forward Roll
  • Handstand Forward Roll
  • Backward Roll


  • Know the Interim Drills to do whilst overcoming any fears for the Tumbling skills, listed above.
Who this course is for:
  • Adults that want to learn tumbling at home Safely
  • Parents wanting kids to practise learn tumbling at home safely with supervision. Must have parents supervision.
  • Teachers wanting to learn how to use mats, pillows (more soft mats) to teach tumbling safely without spotting


Download  Basic to Pre-Intermediate Tumbling (Gymnastics, Acrobatics)  Free

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