Become a master drone pilot in 2 weeks and start a business Free Download
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Become a master drone pilot in 2 weeks and start a business 1

Become a master drone pilot in 2 weeks and start a business   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • This course is broken down into five major sections or modules. In the first section, you’ll learn everything about camera setup. This section will provide detailed walkthrough of different video options from best resolution to shoot at with editing infrastructure in mind to best field of view to film with from the perspective of drones to best frame rate to film at with having lighting in mind. We will also cover best time-lapse mode option to select from when taking aerial images as well as best Mega Pixel options to choose when flying for longer period of time. All of this will ensure that your drone is capturing the best quality of video or photo so you can have a professional product after post-production.
  • In the second section, you’ll learn about aerial cinematography. We’ll cover drone safety, basic drone flights and advance aerial cinematography, which will include correct camera positioning techniques and unique cinematic drone shots including and not limiting to: Ground Up, Tilt, Pan, Orbit Rotate, Narrow Discover, Fly to space, Fly from space, and other unique shots to empower you to bring unique cinematic shots in your overall aerial footage.
  • In the third section of this course, you’ll be taught on how to professionally edit videos, mainly aerial videos. We’ll cover basic editing tools overview, How to import media into the project and into the libraries, Adding Text and Transitions, Basic and advance color grading, syncing videos to the beat of the audio, 4k zoom from fix camera lens, adding watermarks to your videos to finally adding 3D Motion Graphics Fly through Text effects to your aerial videos. This section will ultimately teach you how to take your perfectly shot aerial videos to making them breathtakingly amazing!
  • Forth section of this course will uncover the art of photo editing. For that, we’ll use Adobe Lightroom to polish up your aerial photos. This section will teach basic editing tools overview, Importing and tagging images, Selective advance editing using Brush and gradient tools, How to remove shadow of drone from the images, Camera profiling – How to flatten out images with fish eye effect automatically and how to add watermarks to multiple photos automatically using batch export with client’s name embedded within the file name. This section will bring your aerial photos to life!
  • Last and the most important part of this course is how to start your own aerial filming business. We’ll discuss how to create your own logos, website, business cards and how to find, attract and acquire the right type of customers interested in aerial footage. We’ll also uncover how to create professional invoices with the right stipulations added for an aerial filming business. In addition, we’ll discuss how to set the right price for various different aerial filming jobs (Aerial Photos, Aerial Videos and Custom work) and we’ll discuss how to create a proper business plan for your business by having a goal and target in mind when operating an aerial filming business so that you can start, manage, sustain and ultimately grow your aerial filming business
  • None. But it would be good to have a drone to follow along. If you’re interested in purchasing a drone, but not sure how to justify the cost, this course will allow you learn everything from scratch. It would be good to have a drone to practice everything taught in this course with. Ultimately this course will allow you to start your own aerial filming business with confidence since you’ll learn how to plan, properly film, professional edit and skillfully deliver content to your clients.

**Be sure to watch the course promo video to understand what benefits you can get from taking this course, which will be available to you for lifetime access**

*Course now has Phantom 4 videos with more to come*

Update Log:

**Update Nov 2, 2019**

  • I was in Italy for a videography excursion and I captured various different cinematic shots using Phantom 4 Pro with it’s 1-inch sensor camera. I’ve uploaded various videos providing some behind the scene comments on how I captured some shots that I’ll be using for a film.
  • I’ve had a lot of students ask me about sample aerial videography or photography contract that I use. I just updated a sample template that I use with my clients. You can find this file in the exercise section of this course.

**Update Jan 2, 2017**

  • Students have asked some great questions on the discussion board. I’ve purposely added more details so other students can benefit from those questions.

**Update Sept 26th, 2016**

  • Added two more Phantom 4 (P4) videos:
    • General Settings Overview
    • Best Gimbal Settings to get the cinematic look

**Update Sept 24th, 2016**

  • Added four Phantom 4 (P4) videos:
    • Full breakdown of the DJI App Overview
    • Best DJI Phantom 4 Photo Settings
    • Optimal Master Control Settings on P4
    • Visual Navigation Settings details
  • Additional Phantom 4 videos coming soon..

**Update Sept 10th, 2016**

  • New Phantom 4 videos coming up.

**Updated Aug 1st, 2016**

  • Added two new exercise videos. I’ve shared a raw video for a luxury property client along with the final video of that same property to give students an understanding of how I filming and edit my subjects.

**Updated June 1st, 2016**

  • Added a slideshow with my recommendations of 5 best drones to practice flying with under $75.
  • Shared three products that can help you find your drone if it ever flies away.

**Updated May 26th, 2016**

  • Added a free screensaver plugin for Mac users to see cool smooth aerial videos when screensaver kicks in.

**Updated May 11th, 2016**

  • Added a brand new Drone News and Regulation section to ensure new flyers understand the changing regulations in the U.S and Canadian markets on best efforts.
  • Added the new FAA memorandum on the educational use of Drones.

**Updated April 7th, 2016**

  • Added Free Downloadable footage for 4k
  • Phantom 4 Video review and setup
  • Preview of Aerial Filming eBook, free for course students.
  • PDF of U.S Drone Laws and best online legal resources
  • More to come.

Course Description:

Over 10 hours of course videos, you’ll learn the basics camera setup, basic drone control, drone safety, advance aerial cinematography with behind the scenes walkthrough of how to position, fly and capture your subjects in the best possible manner.

After you’ve learned how to fly and capture the subject properly, you’ll be taught how to use an advance video editing software to learn how edit, colour grade and export your footage for your prospective clients. In addition, you’ll also learn how to edit aerial photos in an advance photo editing software.

Last, once you’ve learned all technical skills from flying to editing, you’ll be taught how to start your aerial filming business. We’ll cover the basics on how to create website, logos to more aerial filming focused topics like setting the right price for your aerial photo and video service. We’ll also cover how to acquire clients and what stipulations to put in your invoices to cover you for weather delays, cancellations and other interesting scenarios that might come up. If you’re serious about learn new tricks and techniques and to ultimately start a business in a hot aerial filming market, then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone: If you’re looking to learn on how to edit aerial photos and video, this course is for you. If you’re looking to start an aerial filming business, this course is for you. If you’re looking to learn some new and unique cinematic aerial shots, this course is for you. If you’re looking to learn best camera setup technique when taking aerial photos and videos, this course is for you. If you’re looking to learn a professional video editing software to edit and color correct your aerial videos, this course is for you. If you’re looking to add some 3D motion graphics in your aerial footage, this course is for you.


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