Become a Successful Artist – Award Winning Teacher Free Download
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Become a Successful Artist – Award Winning Teacher, FreeTuts Download

  Become a Successful Artist – Award Winning Teacher Free Tutorial Download


The first course that gives you the contacts of 5,000 Gallery Owners, Art Dealers, Journalists, Curators and Key Actors in the Art World

+ Access the exclusive database of the 5000 most important art galleries in the world

+ Articulated strategy for Online Galleries, Art Marketplaces, Contests, Scholarships and Print on Demand Sites (like RedBubble)

+ Bonus Track: a 45-minute personalized consulting session

This course will introduce you to the art business through a clear, brief and validated marketing strategy: more than 1000 artists have achieved representation from art galleries, online gallery, or live from the sale of their work.

We are an interdisciplinary team of university teachers, communicators, artists and experts who come from different disciplines and backgrounds. Our method has been shared in more than 10 languages ​​for its simplicity, versatility and effectiveness. It is designed for artists of all possible perspectives who want to have a significant economic impact on the art world.

Most important of all: By dedicating a couple of hours a week, in 30 days you will start making money with your art.

Now, it is time to start working. In 30 days you will have made your first sale.

You have a 30-day Warranty.

DISCLAIMER: This course does not contain explanatory videos, it is the most complete Course in Ebook format that you will find. Why did we decide not to include explanatory videos and? Because you will need to review the Action Plan continuously for the success of the strategy.

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Move Forward: It’s time to turn your artwork into a full time profession.

Who this course is for:

  • Amateur Artists
  • Professional Artists

Become a Successful Artist – Award Winning Teacher, FreeTuts Download

Download  Become a Successful Artist – Award Winning Teacher  Free

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