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This course is for all beginner WordPress Developers who want to improve their career and jump from a novice level to an intermediate one.

What if you don’t need to go through 10 or more tutorials just to create a feature, plugin or theme in WordPress?

Tried developing with WordPress, but you have a hard time to start? Too much information out there?

Get ready for a course that will teach you how to install a WordPress locally, where to look for information on functions, classes etc.

Are you ready to develop a plugin and a theme? Ou yeah. We are going into that adventure together! We will build a plugin and we will also create a theme.

Maybe you’re not satisfied with that? Sure, we will also go into some advanced topics.

Some of the stuff you’ll learn in this course:

  • JavaScript & WordPress
  • AJAX with WordPress
  • HTML to WordPress
  • Developing Custom Themes
  • Developing Custom Plugins

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