Bernadette Giorgi – Foam Roller Core Workout Free Download
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Bernadette Giorgi - Foam Roller Core Workout 1

Bernadette Giorgi – Foam Roller Core Workout   Free Tutorial Download

Certified instructor description:

Two solid Pilates-inspired programs: one uses a foam roller and one uses a weighted ball. Both feature a variety of mostly ab-targeted
exercises led by a skilled instructor. The first workout uses the roller to improve body positioning and increase range of motion (e.g. intensifying the “Pilates Hundred” by leaning against the roller or getting further into abdominal crunches by lying on the roller). The roller is also used to go “deeper” into the stretch sequences. The second program is straight-forward Pilates matwork. Bernadette utilizes a weighted ball to boost overall resistance (either as a weight or as a device to squeeze between your legs). Both workouts have lots of stretches with lots of detailed cuing. Requires a foam roller and a small weighted ball (or a dumbbell will work). ©2013.


Download  Bernadette Giorgi – Foam Roller Core Workout  Free

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