Beta – F# in the Workplace Free Download
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Beta – F# in the Workplace, FreeTuts Download

Beta – F# in the Workplace   Free Tutorial Download


  • For this course we advise that you already have F# installed and ready to go.
  • Before taking this course ensure you understand F# syntax.


This course aimed at students with beginner to intermediate skill in F#, basic understanding of the F# syntax and a light functional understanding would be beneficial. You’ll also need a computer with Linux, OSX or Windows with F# installed and an internet connection.

Have you wanted to understand how to ‘do’ F# in your day job? Well, this course demonstrates how you can use Test Driven Development and the F# type system in tandem to write a domain for any problem you are attempting to solve.

What will we do?
We will complete an F# library project together,

  1. We will start by defining the concepts of the domain, using some tips from Domain Driven Design, but predominantly working in the area of Test-Driven Development whilst harnessing the power of the F# type system. We will explore every line of code together and point out all the important programming concept as we progress.

What is f#?
F# is a mature, functional-first, general purpose language especially well suited to computer science, machine learning, distributed computing and web applications, Domain Driven Design and Test-Driven Development too. There really is no limit to what F# can do for you!

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We’ve structured the course to make learning all the material as easy and accessible as possible. We’ll challenge you to complete an F# programming task in every video to make sure you’ve got a great grip on all the concepts. But don’t worry, because after every challenge, we’ll also walk you through a solution line by line.

We have structured the course to introduce you to some computer science and functional concepts, but to also encourage you to spend your own time to gain further insights into the Domain Driven, Test-Driven concepts we introduce you to.

If you want to program with a language that has computer science at its heart and want to future proof your learning then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for developers that see the benefits of F# and want to learn how to use the techniques in real projects.
  • Take this course to learn how harness the F# type system by turning specifications into easy-to-read F# code.
  • Utilise Test Driven Development (TDD) so that you can assist the type system while creating F# code to represent a problem domain.
  • This course is not aimed at advanced users that are already using F# in their day jobs, it is designed to cover general aspects of F# type system and TDD.

Beta – F# in the Workplace, FreeTuts Download

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