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Welcome to this course on Clincal Research Methodology. I have designed this course so that even beginners can learn how to do reserch in a methodical way and publish impactful papers. You will come across examples from real research topics in various modules to grasp the subject better. I recommend that you try the “Practice test” before starting the lectures and take the test again after finishing the course to know how much you have imbibed from the lectures

In the Overview module, we will learn the advantages of doing good scientific research and publications and you will see glimpses of my journey from being a medical student to coming of age as a researcher. I believe that If I could do it, then so can you.

In the module on Literature review, we will go through how to utilize and customize PubMed in the best possible manner for your individual requirements, how to get fresh ideas for research topics and nuances of study designs.

In the Biostatistics module, we will build up concepts from the very basics such as “What is a variable” till basic understanding of advanced statistics. You will get exposed to topics like “How to make an effective Excel sheet” and “How to communicate with a biostatistician

Manuscript writing can be daunting. In the module on Manuscript writing, you will learn to use some templates that will simplify your job and make the writing process enjoyable.

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Each 10-minute lecture is packed with information in a very lucid manner enabling you to grasp concepts while enjoying the learning process. Learn on the go and access lectures on your device anytime anywhere. Lectures feature myself on screen speaking with you directly as well as intermittent slides to enhance the learning experience. It will feel like a LIVE one – on – one lecture. I hope that this will be a fruitful and exciting learning experience for you and I look forward to having you here.

At the end, you will be able to design studies including randomized clinical trials, do a good literature search, understand relavant biostatistics and write meaningful manuscripts that can be published in high impact journals. Additionally, you will also be able to interpret the merits of published literature and apply knowledge to improve patient care.

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