Bit-by-Bit Python Guide Learn A-Z in 5 hours


Upon successfully launching Build A Code, a coding academy that offers personalised coding programmes, I launched the Udemy Python course in 2021 to make it available to a wider audience.

I began my programming journey after graduating from University of Warwick, UK in 2017. As a labour economist at the central bank, I quickly noticed the role of programming in future jobs. I use self-taught programming skills at my current job and landed a data scientist contract at a health start-up.

My goal is to introduce coding to beginners in an intuitive and relatable manner, using a good mix of basic English, math and logic. I would like to inspire a journey into programming for anyone who finds programming daunting and is unsure where to begin. My courses are specially curated based on my experience self-learning programming and applying it to current and new jobs as well as in teaching coding through Build A Code (100% 5-star rating).

When I am not staring at a screen for work, you can find me travelling the world or on a field playing ultimate frisbee, both at the same time if I’m lucky!

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