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Download Tutorial Black Algo Trading: Build Your Trading Robot

A Trading Robot a set of programming code that analyse and trade the market on its own. Trading Robots allow you to trade the markets without human intervention!

What does this course offer?

This course teaches the insider knowledge to designing, testing and coding long term profitable robots. We do NOT promise that you will strike it rich overnight. We do not make ridiculous claims (like those you see in newspapers and online ads) that you will make $3722 every night.

This course WILL, however, offer you the years of experience we have in building Robots. You will understand the pitfalls and keys to success to design great robots. You will avoid the hundreds of mistakes we made in our journey.

This course does not only teach programming. Programming is just the tool we use to execute our ideas. The main essence of the course is the design theories behind the Trading Robots. These theories and knowledge come from years of industry practice.

At the end of the day you will acquire the ability to generate a trading idea, code the idea (within 1hour), test the idea, see the strength and flaws in the idea, improve and finally execute the idea.

Chapters – Full List (These are Sections NOT Lectures!)

<Course 1: Black Algo Trading – Build Your Trading Robot>

  1. Here’s What You Are In For!
  2. Programming Basics 1: Variables and Conditional
  3. Robot 1: Adeline – Our First Robot!
  4. Uncommon Common Sense. Design Effective And Logical Robots
  5. Garbage In, Garbage Out. Understanding Data
  6. Programming Basics 2: Loops
  7. Robot 2: Belinda – Utilising Volatility!
  8. To Buy Big or Small? Position Sizing and Money Management
  9. Robot 2A: Belinda Upgraded (No Gambler’s Ruin for Me!)
  10. Where To Start? Idea Generation and Expectations
  11. Programming Basics 3: Functions, Time and Self-Learning
  12. Relevant Statistics 101!
  13. Understanding Robot Behaviour and Robustness: Backtesting!
  14. Programming Basics 4: Arrays And Indicators
  15. Robot 3: Clarissa
  16. What A Mess – Managing Trades, Orders and Positions
  17. Robot 4: Desiree
  18. Design Theories – Improving Robots By Manipulating Time, Entries and Exits
  19. Add A Twist To Your Orders – Advance Order Management
  20. Robot 5: Desiree 2.0
  21. Buff Up Your Robot Responsibly – Optimisation Without Curve Fitting
  22. Bonus Stuff!

<Course 2: BAT201 – Advanced Trading Robots and Crowd Manipulation (MQL4 + VBA)>

  1. Recap of What We Learnt
  2. Perfect Your Bet Sizing – Advanced Position Sizing Methods
  3. Robot 6: Elizabeth
  4. Programming Basics 5: Clean Up Your Codes! Simple Is Fast!
  5. Garbage In, Garbage Out Again. Advanced Data Cleaning (Part 1)
  6. Excel VBA – Using Excel Magic to Improve Our Trading
  7. Garbage In, Garbage Out Again. Advanced Data Cleaning (Part 2)
  8. I Like Colours And Shapes – Adding Graphics
  9. Ring Ring! Notify Yourself When Something Goes Wrong (Or Right)
  10. Robot 7: Faye – The Alert Robot
  11. Connect with the outside world – Importing and Exporting Data out of our Trading Platform
  12. Programming Basics 6: Coding Idiosyncrasies
  13. Design Theories II – The “Secret Sauce”
  14. Bonus Stuff!

<Course 3: BAT202 –  Trading on External News and Peak Optimisation>

  1. Recap of What We Learnt
  2. Looking Outwards – Trading on External Events
  3. Robot 8: Grace
  4. Understanding Performance – High Returns Are Meaningless!
  5. Garbage In, Garbage Out Again. Advanced Data Cleaning (Part 3)
  6. When Robots Fail – How, Why And Is It My Fault?
  7. Robot 9: Haley
  8. Walking Forward – Advanced Optimisation
  9. Robot 10: Iris
  10. Looking To The Future! – Advanced Optimisation 2.0

<Course 4: BAT203 – Live Algo Trading: Managing an Army of Robots>

  1. Recap of What We Learnt
  2. Time For Equities, Commodities And Bonds
  3. Everything is Relative – Relative Value Strategies
  4. Robot 11: Judy
  5. Many Robots One System – Running A Portfolio Of Robots
  6. Robot 12: Kate
  7. Cash Is King! – Running Robots With Real Money
  8. Watch Her Well – Operational Risk Management
  9. Buy This Robot, It Makes 100% A Month! – Evaluating Commercial Robots
  10. Bonus Stuff!

<Course 5: BAT302 – Machine Learning: Trading Robots That Think For Themselves>

  1. Skynet – Robots That Think For Themselves
  2. Robot 13: Lynda (Skynet)
  3. Bonus Stuff!

Note: This list may be subject to change.

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