Bootcamp for Cloud Foundry Free Download
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Bootcamp for Cloud Foundry, FreeTuts Download

 Bootcamp for Cloud Foundry   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Why Cloud foundry ?
  • What is Cloud Foundry ?
  • How Pivotal Cloud Foundry is different in comparison with PCF ?
  • How to setup Cloud Foundry ?
  • What is Org & Space ?
  • Understanding Buildpacks
  • Vertical as well as horizontal Scaling
  • Deploying application with yml file
  • Log aggregation
  • Binding routing service


  • Windows Machine
  • Access to internet


•Why Cloud foundry ?

•Brief overview about Self Managed,IaaS,PaaS & SaaS

•Comparison of cloud PaaS & IaaS different for Microservices

•What is Cloud Foundry ?

•How CF is different in comparison with PCF ?

•How to setup Cloud Foundry ?

Hands-on exercises on Cloud Foundry

§Creation of Org-Space

§Connecting to org & space

§Understanding Buildpacks

§Deploying an application

§Vertical as well as horizontal Scaling

§Deploying application with yml file

§Log aggregation

§Service binding

§Binding routing service

§Blue Green Deployment example

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who wants to get familiar with Cloud Foundry & make hands dirty with actual hands on
  • Project Manager, Business Analyst,Architects to understand cloud foundry


Download  Bootcamp for Cloud Foundry  Free

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