Build an Advanced Shopify Theme from the Future (Vue.js 3.0)


Advanced topics include:

– How to build a fully functional Shopify Theme from Scratch

– Advanced Liquid Techniques

– Shopify Ajax API

– Create a powerful Mini-Cart using Vue.js

– Create a custom variant and option selector for products

– Build an Advanced Shopify Theme from the Future (Vue.js 3.0)

– How to implement Vue.js using a CDN in Shopify themes

Who is the course for?

Anyone who is looking to build ecommerce themes for themselves, clients or to get an in demand job using the Shopify platform. Most Shopify themes are stuck in the past. Utilizing jQuery for dynamic content is from the past. This course throws jQuery out the window and replaces it with Vue.js. The most flexible and powerful JavaScript framework that allows us to create a Shopify theme from the future.

The theme built in this course utilizes the best practices for Shopify themes but adds an innovation piece where it is needed the most. The way we will be building this theme will allow for the best customer experience with the least maintenance.

Why Vue.js?

Vue.js is the only framework that allows for the kind of flexibility that is needed when building Shopify themes. We are able to inject Vue.js into the parts of the theme where we need it most and keep it away from where we don’t need it. Vue.js is also easy to pick up and start using. There is no extensive setup required and no dependencies. It super lightweight and allows us to easily manage state within our theme.

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