Building a Progressive Web App Free Download
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Building a Progressive Web App, FreeTuts Download

Building a Progressive Web App, FreeTuts Download

Building a Progressive Web App – Learn how to build web apps

Native apps do things like work offline and load on a device’s home screen. Until now, mobile web apps accessed in a browser lacked those features. Progressive web apps correct these shortcomings. A progressive web app like the one you build in this course 1) fast loading 2) responsive 3) able to work offline using service workers 4) secure using HTTPS and 5) installable using a special manifest. Ray Villalobos takes you extra steps to make your web apps progressive, using a custom version of the Bootstrap framework and modals and the templating system called Handlebars. Follow along to learn how to create interactive navigation, dynamic and responsive content such as carousels and multimedia, offline capabilities with service workers, and more integrated experience with the app manifest file.

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Language of instruction: English 
Teacher: Ray Villalobos 
Level of training :, Secondary 
Time of training: 2 hours + 7 minutes 
File Size: 404 MB 

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